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  • HC: Bruce Arians
  • OC: Byron Leftwich
  • DC: Todd Bowles
  • ST: Keith Armstrong
Updated: 08/08/2019 5:53PM ET
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Pos No. Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5
LWR 12 Godwin, Chris 17/3 17 Watson, Justin 18/5 10 Miller, Scott 19/6 85 Wilson, Bobo CF17 83 Schnell, Spencer CF19
LWR 14 Simpson, Cortrelle CF19
RWR 13 Evans, Mike 14/1 19 Perriman, Breshad U/Cle 81 Johnson, Anthony CF19 18 Lodge, DaMarkus CF19 15 Brent, KJ SF18
RWR 89 Eaton, Matthew CF19 16 Mitchell, Bryant SF19
LT 76 Smith, Donovan 15/2 64 Boozer, Cole CF18 75 Poehls, William W/Ind
LG 74 Marpet, Ali 15/2 61 Bailey, Zack CF19 00 Uhatafe, Salesi SF19
C 66 Jensen, Ryan U/Bal 62 SMITH, EVAN U/GB 68 LERIBEUS, JOSH U/NO 60 Trewyn, Nate CF19
RG 65 Cappa, Alex 18/3 71 Watford, Earl U/Cle 70 Holcomb, Ruben CF18
RT 69 DOTSON, DEMAR CF09 77 Benenoch, Caleb 16/5 72 Ruble, Brock CF19
TE 80 Howard, OJ 17/1 82 Auclair, Antony CF17 For Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Sale 86 Orndoff, Scott SF19
TE 84 Brate, Cameron CF14 88 Hudson, Tanner CF18 87 Leggett, Jordan W/NYJ
QB 3 Winston, Jameis 15/1 11 Gabbert, Blaine SF19 4 Griffin, Ryan W/NO 7 Fitzgerald, Nick NFI
RB 25 Barber, Peyton CF16 27 Jones II, Ronald 18/2 32 ELLINGTON, ANDRE SF19 44 Ogunbowale, Dare SF18 30 Anderson, Bruce CF19
DE 93 SUH, NDAMUKONG U/LAR 56 Nunez-Roches, Rakeem SF18 79 O'Connor, Patrick SF17
NT 91 Allen, Beau U/Phi 73 Beckner Jr., Terry 19/7 96 Jersey Cole Beasley Cole Beasley Women's 50 Vea, Vita 18/1
DE 92 Gholston, William 13/4 78 Ledbetter, Jeremiah SF18 49 Odeyingbo, Dare CF19
OLB 94 Nassib, Carl W/Cle 98 Nelson, Anthony 19/4 95 Huguenin, Farrington SF18 53 Harris, Demone CF18 90 PIERRE-PAUL, JASON NFI
ILB 45 White, Devin 19/1 51 Minter, Kevin SF18 48 Cichy, Jack 18/6 52 Nelson, Corey SF19
ILB 23 Bucannon, Deone U/Arz 59 Bond, Devante 16/6 43 Smith, Emmanuel SF18 54 David, Lavonte 12/2
OLB 57 Spence, Noah 16/2 For Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Sale 58 Barrett, Shaquil U/Den 41 Daniels, Kahzin CF19 46 Kenney, David SF19
CB 33 Davis, Carlton 18/2 35 Dean, Jamel 19/3 For Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Sale 29 Smith, Ryan 16/4 37 Wilkins, Mazzi CF19
S 34 Edwards, Mike 19/3 25 Denis, Lukas CF19 21 Evans, Justin PUP
S 31 Whitehead, Jordan 18/4 24 Brice, Kentrell SF19 39 Johnson, Isaiah CF16 32 Battle, John CF19
RCB 28 Hargreaves, Vernon 16/1 26 Murphy-Bunting, Sean 19/2 36 Stewart, MJ 18/2 22 Harris, De'Vante W/NO
Special Teams
P 8 Pinion, Bradley U/SF For Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Sale
PK 5 Santos, Cairo SF18 9 Gay, Matt 19/5
LS 97 Triner, Zach SF19 For Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Sale
H 8 Pinion, Bradley U/SF 4 Griffin, Ryan W/NO
KO 8 Pinion, Bradley U/SF 9 Gay, Matt 19/5 5 Santos, Cairo SF18
PR 85 Wilson, Bobo CF17
KR 85 Wilson, Bobo CF17 27 Jones II, Ronald 18/2
RES                   For Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Sale  
RES 51 Beckwith, Kendell NFI 30 Stewart, Orion IR 38 Dixon, D'Cota IR 67 Liedtke, Michael IR


What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about DEVIN WHITE before he made the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Depth Chart: LSU, 6000 237 4.42. Junior entry and three year starter from Springhill, LA. White is quick with his initial read and is aggressive downhill attacking gaps. He has a nose for the ball as he can fit a gap and make a play in the backfield. Has sideline to sideline range in pursuit and is quick to change directions. Has a burst to close in chase mode. Fundamentally sound tackler who gathers well in space and finishes tackles. Solid inside blitzer with good anticipation at the snap. Often used as a spy on a back or quarterback and is effective with a delayed blitz letting the crease open. His quickness gets him free and he makes a lot of plays when blitzing. Quick with his hands to ward off blocks on the move. Fits the off-tackle gap with precision. Solid cover skills with zone awareness. Used more often as a blitzer but has cover skill. Has the ability to mirror a back and the speed to run with a vertical route. Has an incredible plant and drive breaking on the throw. Closes a lot of ground with the ball in the air. His aggressiveness will occasionally take him out of the play as he will under run at times. Fits are sometimes off as he can get on the wrong side of a block and lose ball side leverage. Occasional false step contributes to getting out of position. Can get bounced around by a powerful blocker. Normally a knee bender in attack mode but can lose leverage on a block and get walled off. Has the tools of an elite inside linebacker that never comes off the field. He fits as a box linebacker in a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme. 2018 stats: 123 T, 12 TFL, 3 sacks, 6 PBU, 8 QBH, 3 FF. Edge speed:left 2.21, right 2.03. OSR:3/15. First round. (A-32 1/ 8, H-9 3/4, BP-22, SS-4.18). 

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